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Beauty Globes

Note: The product handles are not the same color as displayed in photos. They will come with a gold handle instead of white.

Beauty Globes from Bio Jouvance Paris are the ultimate treatment in skin care. Two chilled spheres rolled gently across the face and neck. They’re a small indulgence with lots of practical applications. Made from unbreakable material, the Beauty Globes are glacial blue spheres filled with non-freezing liquid; retaining cold temperatures of up to twenty minutes.

Utilizing the latest technique practiced in exclusive European spas, Beauty Globes exercise the facial muscles in an extraordinary way. Cryotherapy enhances facial tone and progressively develops the elastic-energetic potential of the skin. These special “facial workouts" lift facial muscles and excellent for "an at home" spa treatment. Helpful for puffy eyes, headaches, and "setting" makeup when used before and after the application of makeup.

This breakthrough technology will leave your skin firm and lifted with a natural, beautiful, and healthy glow. It is an excellent treatment after extraction, microdermabrasion, and laser treatment. It can also be used after a facial or body waxing to remove redness.